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Certified Bob Ross Instructor

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                                                                             POP UP PAINTING

Paint with the Lady- FUN Acrylics- Highlights


Certified Bob Ross Instructor- CRI 

Pop Up Painting presents workshops around the Central Florida area., LLC hosts 2 forms of painting experiences:

Bob Ross Oil Painting Workshops and Paint with the Lady-FUN Acrylics.

Dianna loves to share the joy and fulfillment that you feel when you have completed your own version of a masterpiece. Painting is one of the greatest art forms.


You feel a major reduction in stress. Painting also helps your perspective of the world open up through more awareness of color, texture and light.

Dianna teaches  Bob Ross Workshops at Hobby Lobby,  FUN Acrylics at Crabby Bills' and other venues by special requests. She will also be found at various outdoor parks and local events leading classes and/or performing demos. You can learn landscape, mountains-winter snow covered to stunning dessert mastery, reflective lakes, waterfalls and seascapes and a variety of other nature portraits.

Nationally certified Bob Ross Instructors pass an intense course of training on the Bob Ross technique and the process to teach all artistic skill levels. Only the artists that complete this training can confer the CRI insignia.

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